SmartMetalArt® desktop cradle for iphones, cell phones, smartphones & tablet computers

The SmartMetalArt® cell phone stand is a time intensive hand crafted patented design created in the USA from 316L Stainless Steel.  This alloy is known for its hardness and resistance to corrosive environmental elements.

The designer desktop cradle can accommodate most smartphones and tablet computers.

The cradle’s attractive and minimalistic design is suitable for any level surface including but certainly not limited to the desktop, night stand, kitchen counter, bar, dining table, workshop and makeup vanity. Because your phone and tablet are now upright in the SmartMetalArt® stand, you may also notice an improvement in audio quality.



Cradle without device
With smartphone profile
With smartphone landscape
A tablet
The back
Satin finish stainless steel

Product Details: 

As with any handcrafted design, welds and finish will vary from cradle to cradle. Our product is fabricated from 316L stainless steel. The cradle finish is minimalistic and will reveal roller imperfections from the steel’s creation at the mill. We believe this conveys the unique character and utilitarian nature of each cradle.  Like any artistic creation, no two cradles are exactly alike.

Devices can be charged on the cradle by simply plugging in the charger cord and turning the device to the horizontal position. Most smartphone and tablet computer screens rotate to match their orientation with the cradle.

All dimensions are approximate:

  • Base: 3”x 4”
  • Back panel: 3”x 5”
  • Front panel: 3” x .5”
  • Thickness: .125”

Material: 316L Stainless Steel
Weight: 1 lb.

The cradle is not suitable for vehicles.